Cure For Stuttering – 5 Steps To Learning How To Stop Stuttering

Have you tried to find a cure for stuttering only to be left frustrated? Stuttering starts at an early age and if not corrected, even as adults, a person will still stammer at times. Adults who had serious accidents may experience stammering and should seek help to improve the way they speak. That is the “adult stutter” problem. This will definitely make a big impact on your life, low self-esteem and self-confidence, may deter you from gaining friends, difficulty in getting a good job or even promotion and the list goes on.
Self-help is a big plus. Trying to help yourself shows your determination not to let stammering ruin your life. If you have the means, you can also resort to speech therapy or hire services of speech therapists. What therapy can do is to help you help yourself. With your total willingness and scientific approaches to treating adult stuttering, your chances of recovery from your problems will be within your reach.

You should seek help as soon as possible to avoid ill feelings on your part, stressful confrontations with other people who do not understand what your impediment is and great emotional pressure that you are experiencing because of the disorder. You have to take on a positive note that you will be able to improve your speech deficiency. Therapy, though, isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, but with patience goes for you to get rid of adult stutter. Put what you have learned to the test and never stop practicing tough words or sounds. Give yourself a few months, if you expect continuous therapy to work for you.

Choose the right speech therapists to assist you. Give several therapists a try and pick the one that you think can best help you with your dysfluency. Find a therapist who is both skilled and really cares about you. Research online or ask friends for referrals.

Also here are some tips that can help you on your own practice and cure for stuttering:

  • Take a deep breath. This will help you relax and clear your mind before speaking
  • Always think before speaking. This causes you to think the words in your mind faster than you can say them out loud.
  • Also, research shows that people tend not to stutter much when they are singing, so form that rhythm with your voice.
  • Eat a gum or chew something. Having something in your mouth has helped stuttering because it widens and relaxes the mouth. Speaking will be more relaxed.
  • Find your comfort zone either by speaking loudly or whispering. When you speak loudly, a stutter usually disappears and when you whisper, a stutter is less noticeable.

Do not worry about adult stutter problems because it can be treated at any time.  It also has no link to intelligence. Stuttering is best treated as early as possible—so start working on it now!

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How To Stop Stuttering – Learn How To Conquer Your Stutter!

As somebody who has struggled with trying to figure out how to stop stuttering almost all of my life, I understand first hand just how difficult it really is. If you’ve decided to finally  learn how to stop stuttering, then this post is for you. My goal is to share with you a few tips that helped me learn how to stop stuttering relatively quickly.

The main thing when attempting to learn how to stop stuttering, is to never stop trying to improve your speech. Each time you stutter, don’t allow it to discourage you from speaking. Talking and conversing with others, is the only way to train yourself.

Should you try and avoid talking entirely, because you feel too uncomfortable or ashamed of your stuttering, it’ll only make things worse. The harder you practice talking, you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable and confident. In effect, you will also usually stutter less.

Just forcing myself to talk regularly went a long way for helping me learn how to stop stuttering. Here are a few additional tips that made it easier for me too:

1.) Try beginning each day with silent meditation in the morning. This does not need to be anything complicated or fancy. Simply attempt to reserve 5-10 minutes for meditation. This will allow you to alleviate any anxiety or stress which will make you tend to stutter.

2. Practice taking a deep breath slowly, and take a second to form your sentences in your head prior to speaking them out loud. Quite often, stuttering happens because of our mouth getting ahead of ourself before we are able to process our sentences in our mind.

There you have it, these are 2 excellent tips you can use to help you learn how to stop stuttering..

Throughout my years of high school and college I never quit  trying to learn how to stop stuttering. I simply would not accept living my entire life, feeling nervous each time I opened up my mouth to talk. It had a tremendous effect on my self confidence, and I had a tendency to constantly act withdrawn and attempted to avoid people.

I needed to be able to speak my mind and express myself openly, and was sick and tired of my stuttering issue holding me back from doing that. Finally, after spending days searching online for a solution, reading through every book, and trying every product I could find on how to stop stuttering, I finally found an answer. Thanks to the step-by-step guide at, I learned how to speak without a stutter in only 9 minutes! If you’ve tried speech therapy or other forms of treatment with no success, don’t give up.

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