10 Effective Tips For Stuttering

Those who have a problem with stuttering also comes the problem of self-confidence. If you let this get in your mind, you wouldn’t be able to overcome your problem in successfully speaking fluently.

Here are some tips for stuttering so that you will be able to slowly but surely speak well in a short period of time.

  1. Don’t open your mouth unless you are sure about the words that you are exactly going to say. Think before you verbalize each word, it is better to think ahead of each word spoken rather than after.
  2. Say it in your mind. Literally hear yourself successfully saying the word you want to say in your mind before you say it. It is called aural visualization.  Imagine the sound of each word, one by one.
  3. Try to sing the words or speak in a singing way. By doing this, it removes the anxiety that you feel when you are speaking. This is one of the tips for stuttering that makes you less aware of the words coming out of your mouth and by doing this you slowly practice saying out the words with less stammering.
  4. Try to visualize the letters of the words that you are going to say. Pronounce each letter as they come out of your mouth slowly until you hear yourself say it.
  5. Before saying a very difficult word, take a deep breath. Stay calm and relax so that you can enunciate the words.
  6. Speak slowly, don’t rush. It will only make you stutter more if you force yourself.
  7. Another tip for stuttering is to say the word, letter by letter. If you feel that you are going to have a hard time saying the word, say it letter by letter.
  8. Try to chew something while talking. This exercises your mouth in pronouncing words much better.
  9. Whisper or speak loudly. Usually when you whisper, stutter is not so noticeable.
  10. On children, they need more patience and guidance. Speak with your child slowly, pausing frequently.  You should also reduce questions you ask to your child.  Better to ask one question at a time as to not confuse them. Allocate several hours of the day to talk to your child one on one. One of the tips for stuttering is to just listen and let the child talk. This helps build confidence for him to talk. You also need the help of other family members learn to take turns and listening. Above all, show that you accept the child as he is. It is a fact that children who stammer but are guided well at a young age, ultimately can speak much better.

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